Breakfast Presentations

Tuesday, February 10 - 7:10am-7:50am

Luc Adriaenssens
Sr. Vice President
of Technology


The Big Data Solution for Open Innovation

This special breakfast session will show you how to take advantage of a technology platform suite consisting of:

  • a knowledge generator tool that sources unstructured information from open databases like Wikipedia, IEEE, Google Patents etc;

  • a machine learning algorithm to scale the manual analysis of documents;

  • a discover dimensions module (DDM) to pick those otherwise difficult to search documents.

This solution is developed to:

  • successfully identify partners, thought leaders and suppliers, do competitive innovation portfolio analysis, and make other OI decisions.

  • This big data solution, offered by Dolcera, renders a cost-effective approach to those exploratory studies conducted before the expensive stage gate process.

Luc Adriaenssens, Senior VP of Technology, CommScope will share a live case study example and insights on how his group used this solution in a competitive portfolio analysis. Luc will also share his company level information on how Dolcera's visualization platforms were used across their IP, Innovation, and Technology teams.

Wednesday, February 11 - 7:10am-7:50am

Hamilton, PhD
Chief Operating Officer


Become a Corporate Tech Scout Ninja

Successful technology scouting requires expertise and insight in science and technology while you grow your ever-expanding relational network. By managing the flow of knowledge assets in your network, you can quickly identify and assess opportunities on the horizon. In this session, you will hear about how a Fortune 500 team uses web-based software to structure opportunity assessments in a high volume deal environment while enabling resource coordination and prioritization.


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