What people say about CoDev

The conference delivered on what it promised...

Morne Barradas, Sasol Technology (Pty) Ltd

A lot of great examples and models for reapplication. Great source of contacts for benchmarking. I feel confident we know where we need to start and have knowledge of how to get there.

Michele Cerminaro, GOJO Industries

I came away with some very valuable nuggets on approaching IP in a co-development environment!

David Maltz, Nektar Therapeutics

Well worth my time. Next time I am bringing engineering directors --- alliances all too often are perceived as the business person's problem.

Kathy Miller, HP

Excellent networking opportunity...I will certainly recommend this conference to others within my company.

Jennifer Azggen, Nestle

The conference provided a good view of academic and industry's view of strategic and tactical tools in a concise and convenient format.

Jose Ramirez, Johnson Diversey, Inc

CoDev provided efficient communication of concepts and processes that can help kick-start or refine a company's business strategy around Innovation. Not only did the presenters provide insight, but the opportunities to discuss real life examples of how other companies have set up their processes is invaluable.

Peter Sigmon, Shaw Industries

This was a welcome change for me as a technologist in an emerging area of technology. It was great to interact with folks in totally different businesses and technologies and find that we all share similar challenges in innovation and co-development methods. I was able to learn new tactics and approaches which I hope to apply in my job.

Laura King, HP

This conference presents an opportunity to learn the State-of-the-Art in partner development and management that would benefit a broad cross-section of industry.

Joyce Wrazel, HP

The conference gave me a fantastic inspiration and input in the process of making a strategy and vision for Open Innovation at Coloplast.

Lars Seier-Peterson, Coloplast

Very buttoned down. Runs like clockwork.

Brian Matt, Altitude Inc


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