Carlos Barroso
Senior Vice President
Global R&D
Campbell Soup Company

Art and Science in the world of Culinary Open Innovation

Take a journey into the world of food and beverage as we navigate open innovation through the world of great culinology and the disciplines of food science and engineering. Campbell Soup has embraced open innovation as they seek to expand its core and emerging businesses through an ever growing network of external partners.

There are special considerations for leveraging open innovation in the world of food. For example, chefs play an integral role in the development of our food products. But, is there a role for open innovation when creating recipes? Campbell has built an external network that spans the artistry of chefs to the nuts and bolts of manufacturing for a mass market.

Join Carlos Barroso, SVP Global R&D Campbell Soup Company and Marc Halperin and Kimberly Egan, Co Founders of CCD Innovations as they share best practices of open innovation in the culinary world. Bring your taste buds as there will be product sampling.
Guest Presenter:
Eapen George
Former VP, R&D and Innovation

Ronald Sharpe
Research Fellow

The Pirate code and breakthrough ideas: or how I learned to stop worrying and love open innovation

Amway thinks about innovation strategically as a combination of creativity, potential value to the business, and strategic fit. To increase the percentage of game changing projects moving through its development pipeline, Amway created what is called the Discovery process. This formalized process strives to find the intersection of a known consumer need, a viable technology and a business case to create a successful product for the company.

A key component to making this happen was the establishment of the open innovation team and the internal eco system of support that had to be subsequently developed to make it work. The talk will describe Amway's journey from open innovation novices to our present approach, the process/support structures that make it effective and a couple case studies of open innovation success.

Surendra K. Chawla
Senior Director
External Science
& Technology Programs
The Goodyear Tire
& Rubber Company

Practicing Open Innovation in Goodyear -
A New Business Imperative

We are part of the world that is changing very rapidly and very significantly. Social, economic and environmental factors continue to be challenging drivers for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. This presentation will cover how Goodyear is responding to industry trends and complex emerging technologies in its role within the transportation ecosystem.

Specifically, Surendra will discuss:

  • How Goodyear has created an agile new product engine with a full-time open innovation team, External Science & Technology Programs (ESTP), to seek, assess and internalize external science and technologies from across the globe.

  • How they formed a virtual and very agile R&D Lab of the Future for Goodyear, located in the world's best universities, research institutes, national labs and small and large business enterprises with an expanded network of 300+ partners in US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. How they ensure this network is doing R&D that is relevant to Goodyear needs.

  • How they have evolved their OI process around the well-known "WFGM" (Want, Find, Get and Manage) model. How they travel around the globe to understand the social as well as technical culture of their potential partners, gain personal experiences, and develop relationships -- how this is paying off handsomely.

  • The powerful concept of "Triangulation" partnership -- Goodyear's experiences and specific examples.

In summary, he will share his views on how to create innovation that matters -- and how that is "A New Business Imperative."

Rob Mills
Vice President Operations,
CleanWell Company


Engaging partners and suppliers to advance your OI capabilities

Over the last few years, CleanWell has built a strong business primarily through internal/closed innovation, but also partnerships with contract manufacturers and other mission based companies in the cleaning products space. The company has increased its outward focus to better understand end-user needs and more effectively find innovative solutions. A new business development process was established to bring more discipline to CW's external focus and to leverage Open Innovation as a key driver of business growth. Rob Mills, VP of Manufacturing , will share how to manage contract manufacturers and partners to build and advance the organization's open innovation capability and embed standard business operating processes within your company.

Helder Antunes
Sr. Director of Corporate Technology Strategy
Office of the CTO
Cisco Systems


The Journey to Secure the Internet of Things -
A Case Study on the Cisco Security Grand Challenge

Smart, internet-enabled devices are growing at an exponential pace with wearable devices, kitchen appliances, connected cars or healthcare devices more and more commonplace, and expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020. In 2014, the Cisco Security Grand Challenge was launched to bring the security community together to address securing the Internet of Things (IoT). Cisco fully embraced open innovation to address this crucial need with a Grand Challenge and will take you through their journey in this case study presentation. You will learn the details of why Cisco chose an open innovation strategy, why they decided to engage NineSigma to manage this Challenge, why a Grand Challenge was the right approach, and what their process was for choosing the winning solutions.

With the conclusion of the Grand Challenge in October 2014, Cisco will also discuss the exciting outcomes from this Challenge. Cisco will discuss these winning solutions and share their views on how they believe these solutions will contribute to securing the Internet of Things. They will discuss how the chosen technologies will address this need specifically for Cisco, and what the outcomes of this Grand Challenge mean for Cisco as a company.

Robert Kirschbaum
VP Open Innovation
Royal DSM


How Cultural Changes Supported Royal DSM's Reinvention and Growth

Royal DSM started as a coal mining company more than 110 years ago. Through a well-structured process to change the portfolio of products and services, the company re-invented itself several times. The amount of Specialty products increased and several companies or product lines were acquired, which led to remarkable changes in company culture.

The presentation will explain how DSM built its Innovation Engine for growth, which Mega Challenges were chosen to focus on, and how Open Innovation and Corporate Venturing are applied to speed-up commercialization while mitigating the risks for failure. Special attention will be given to behavioral aspects, leadership styles, team diversity and entrepreneurship. Today, Royal DSM is a leading global life and materials sciences company, targeting further growth by stimulating both incremental and breakthrough innovations.

Rob will discuss the culture program that was developed to ensure the proper foundation was in place. He will also discuss how it was rolled-out globally to complete the transformation and achieve the right balance between incremental and breakthrough opportunities.

Watch this video about DSM's Open Innovation program: "Proudly Found Elsewhere":


Kevin Fuller
Vice President
Global Product Marketing
Nu Skin

Iain Ansell
Vice President

Delivering killer products through an extended innovation network

Creating an extended innovation network can enable companies to identify new opportunities for innovation, move more easily into new, non-core areas and deliver better products to market in a shorter timeframe. In this presentation Kevin Fuller, VP Global Product Marketing at NuSkin, and Iain Ansell, VP Consumer at Sagentia will share their insights on how to select appropriate partners, the challenges of working with a complex network of partners and offer tips for how to successfully implement and manage that network. In addition they will share lessons learned from their experience working together using this approach.

Brian Ellerman
Head of Technology Scouting & Information Science Innovation

Peter M. von Dyck

The Cyber-Scouting Revolution within the Pharma 3.0 Evolution! - A Prescription for Success for any Business Sector

The global healthcare environment is changing fast. It is more personalized, more targeted, and demanding increasingly cost-effective solutions to very complex healthcare problems. Cutting-edge innovation is always at the heart of the R&D strategy and new solutions must deliver differentiated, healthcare value. Cyber-scouting and Open Innovation is increasingly deployed to expand the reach to new ideas and enabling scientific innovations that emanate from many sources such as companies, academia, government, and non-profits. The presenters will review the complimentary expertise of both organizations to discuss their respective areas of competency relating to cyber scouting for high technology solutions and how this age of big data requires new systems and solutions to look more broadly both externally and internally and across all therapeutic areas to not only identify and capture opportunities but rapidly ensure they are well aligned to the internal strategy of a $5B, 16,000-person R&D organization.

Stuart Stein
Director, Open Innovation

Cindy Conner
Senior Market Manager

Taking a Multi-functional Approach to Technical and Business Model Innovation - A Co-Development Commercialization Success Story

Mondelez International and Battelle will provide a case study on how they co-developed and commercialized Low Tack Adhesive (LTA), a proprietary breakthrough technology for package reclosability. The presenters will review the complementary expertise of both partners that led them to the initial concept generation session, the creation of new business models from contracted research to licensing and joint commercialization. They will also share the critical role that a multi-functional steering team comprised of technical, legal, business, and marketing managers played in achieving success.

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