Panel Session

Partnerships at the intersection of consumer health and traditional healthcare deliver value

The intersection of consumer health and traditional healthcare delivery requires more consumer/patient engagement than ever before, bringing the needs of several stakeholders, consumers, customers, and advocacy groups front and center during the innovation process. This discussion will highlight how Corporations are reacting to these changes, as individuals are taking more control of their health, looking for holistic, integrated solutions, vs. a collection of individual products. This trend affects all parts of the development and commercial model, and requires Corporations to quickly learn from the marketplace to be successful. A critical new player in the Open Innovation Space is the Venture Capital partner who has deep relationships with these early movers and can provide critical insights into what is working and what isn't, both from a scientific and commercial perspective. Case Studies will be shared to help illustrate this new reality.

Ben Wiegand
VP and Global Head of Innovation and New Business Models
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies

Ken McLellan
Global Partnerships Leader, R&D
The Clorox Company

Nina Kjellson
General Partner
Interwest Partners
Jim Glasheen
General Partner
Technology Partners

Cheryl Perkins
CoDev Conference Chair
and President,



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