Launching Products and Businesses with Customers, Partners & Ecosystems

As Open Innovation goes mainstream, the players are doubling down on exciting new market expansions, creative crowdsourcing, new partnerships and higher returns! How will you embrace these cutting-edge methods, making bold moves but not risking everything?

Find out why the big winners in Open Innovation are going beyond deploying process, tools and choosing the right partners. The pioneers are moving forward - but where? And what should your course of action be?

CoDev is your onramp to Open Innovation success. The purpose and goals for Open Innovation-- faster release of innovative new products, expansion into new markets, new business creation, higher returns -- have never been more important.

Join us for CoDev 2015, February 9-11 in Scottsdale, Arizona!

CoDev is the place to be to learn about OI "must-haves" that you can take home and apply right now:

  • Ecosystems to change your market dynamics and win over your customers

  • New business funding sources

  • Entrepreneurship, agility, readiness for real change

  • Connectedness -- strategic, technological, social -- with customers, partners, suppliers, stakeholders

  • Incentives beyond money -- making a difference in the world

  • Transparency -- sharing knowledge, customer data, early stage research, scientific discoveries

And even recognizing that OI isn't always the answer.

CoDev 2015 will not just cover how to find, choose and manage innovation partnerships. We will explore how to go from the process to the purpose -- to successfully launch new products and businesses. We have gathered the industry leaders and practitioners at the forefront of connected and open innovation to share their current thinking, experience and challenges. Together we will explore and advance the state of the art.

Who Should Attend

Highly recommended for anyone responsible for new product and business creation including

  • Chief Technology Officers;
  • Chief Innovation Officers;
  • VPs, Directors and Managers of
    • Product Development
    • Business Development
    • Technology Scouting
    • Global Sourcing
    • Alliance Management
    • Intellectual Asset Management
  • and Corporate Counsel from all industries and company sizes.

Participants come from a cross-section of industries and ecosystems including food & beverage, electronics, healthcare, consumer goods, oil & gas, materials, transportation, financial services and more.

CoDev is an excellent opportunity to bring together teams and partners for joint planning, industry networking and greater alignment. Group/Team discounts are available.

Topics to be covered:

  • Connecting and co-innovating across extended value streams to deliver superior products, services and experiences for the end customer.

  • How has Open Innovation evolved - where is it going? What are the pioneers doing now?

  • Reinventing business models to compete in the new sharing economy. Empowering collaboration among partners (including non-traditional), suppliers and ecosystems -- fewer, deeper partnerships, wider ecosystems.

  • Bringing entrepreneurial dynamics into large, established organizations - how to move from legacy systems and infrastructure to become more agile and better able to pivot.

  • David/Goliath partnerships, balancing power and control. Governance structures, VC and other funding opportunities, today's creative deal structures.

  • Organic growth versus inorganic growth. What is the right balance?

  • Embracing new technology advancements and digital/social innovations.

  • Socializing new methods and approaches, managing transformational change.

  • How to find untapped opportunities, infuse start-up energy and passion.

  • Creative funding approaches...know when and how to acquire, spin out, spin in, outsource...or keep inside.

  • Role of the CEO/CTO/CIO in prioritizing opportunities and resources, leading
    for the long term.

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